How to set up parental controls on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and security, making them a popular choice for families. But even with their inherent safety features, it’s still important to set up parental controls to safeguard your kids’ online experience.

Parental controls on Chromebooks offer you peace of mind, allowing you to:

Unlike Windows or Mac computers, Chromebooks have a unique approach to parental controls. In this guide, we’ll explore the different methods available and walk you through the steps to effectively manage your child’s Chromebook use.

Using Family Link for Chromebook Parental Controls

Google’s Family Link is the go-to tool for managing your child’s Chromebook experience. It allows you to set screen time limits, filter inappropriate websites, manage app usage, and even locate your child’s Chromebook.

Here’s how to set up Family Link and link it to your child’s Chromebook:

  1. Create a Family Link account: If you don’t already have a Google account, create one. Then, go to and sign in. You’ll be prompted to set up a Family Link account, where you can add your child’s information.
  2. Create a Google Account for your child: If your child doesn’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one for them. Make sure to choose a strong password and consider using a family-friendly email address.
  3. Link child’s account to yours: On the Family Link website, add your child’s account. You’ll be able to link it to your own Google account. This establishes the parent-child relationship and gives you control over their Chromebook activity.
  4. Set up the Chromebook: When your child sets up their Chromebook for the first time, they’ll need to sign in with their Google account. This will automatically connect their Chromebook to your Family Link account.

Once you’ve set up Family Link, you can access the control panel on the website or using the Family Link app on your smartphone. From here, you can adjust settings, track their Chromebook activity, and manage their online experience.

For older Chromebooks that don’t support Family Link, you can use the built-in settings to manage some features. These settings are usually less comprehensive than Family Link, but they offer some basic controls over screen time, website blocking, and app access.

Managing Screen Time and App Access with Family Link

Family Link is a great tool to help you manage your child’s screen time on their Chromebook. You can set limits for how long they can use their device each day and even set specific time limits for individual apps or websites. For example, you might allow your child to use YouTube for only an hour each day, but allow them unlimited time on educational apps like Khan Academy. You can even set a bedtime where the Chromebook automatically locks until the morning.

You can also use Family Link to block apps and websites based on content or age restrictions. If you want to prevent your child from accessing social media apps or websites with mature content, you can easily block them with a few clicks. The age-based restrictions in Family Link are helpful for ensuring your child is only seeing content that is appropriate for their age.

Family Link allows you to tailor the restrictions to your child’s individual needs and age. If your child is younger, you may want to set stricter time limits and block more apps and websites. As they get older, you can gradually loosen the restrictions and allow them more freedom. This helps them learn to manage their time and use technology responsibly.

Monitoring Activity and Location with Family Link

Family Link provides valuable tools for parents to monitor their child’s online activity and location. This information can help you understand their online behavior and intervene if necessary. Here are some key features:

Use this information to understand your child’s online behavior and guide their digital journey. Family Link offers a valuable platform for responsible online parenting. Remember to have open conversations with your child about their online activities and foster trust.

Setting up Family Link on your Chromebook is an essential step in ensuring a safe and positive online experience for your child. With its comprehensive features, you can manage their screen time, control app access, and monitor their online activities. Remember, while parental controls can provide peace of mind, they shouldn’t replace open communication with your child.

Regularly discuss online safety with your children, explaining the potential risks and encouraging them to come to you if they encounter any problems. Family Link is constantly evolving, so be sure to check for updates and new features that can further enhance your child’s online safety.