How to block inappropriate content on a kid’s TikTok account?

TikTok has a content filtering system designed to keep kids safe by presenting them with age-appropriate content. This system uses various factors, like your age, location, and past interactions with the app, to tailor your feed. However, this system isn’t perfect and might miss some inappropriate content. That’s why it’s important to take extra steps to protect your kids online.

The best way to ensure your kids’ safety on TikTok is through manual parental control. You can use features built into the app, like restricting direct messages, or explore third-party apps designed to monitor and control your kids’ online activity. But the most important step is to have an open and honest conversation with your kids about online safety and the potential risks of the internet. Help them understand what to look for, how to report inappropriate content, and how to use the platform responsibly.

Setting Up Parental Controls on TikTok

TikTok allows you to set up parental controls using the Family Pairing feature. This enables you to link your account to your child’s account, giving you access to manage their experience. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your child’s device, open TikTok and tap the ‘Profile’ icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner to access ‘Settings and privacy’.
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Family Pairing’.
  4. Select ‘Pair with a Family Member’.
  5. On your device, open TikTok and go to ‘Settings and privacy’.
  6. Tap on ‘Family Pairing’ and then select ‘Link Family Account’.
  7. Enter the unique code displayed on your child’s device to link the accounts.

Once linked, you can manage various settings on your child’s account, including:

Setting Description
Screen Time Limits Set daily limits for how long your child can use TikTok.
Restricted Mode Filter out content that is considered inappropriate for younger audiences.
Content Filtering Control the types of videos your child can see based on categories like entertainment, education, and more.

Remember that parental controls are only as effective as the effort you put into them. Regularly review your child’s settings and adjust them as needed to ensure a safe and positive TikTok experience.

Utilizing Third-Party Apps and Device Settings

In addition to TikTok’s built-in parental controls, you can use third-party apps and device settings to further restrict content on your child’s account. These tools offer comprehensive control over your child’s online activity, blocking inappropriate content and limiting screen time.

Here are some popular options:

Benefits of Using Parental Control Apps and Device Settings


Using a combination of TikTok’s built-in controls, third-party apps, and device settings, you can create a safer online environment for your child.

Communicating with Kids about Online Safety

It’s crucial to have open and honest conversations with your kids about online safety, especially when it comes to platforms like TikTok. Here are some tips for discussing appropriate content and online interactions:

Remember, open communication is key to helping your kids navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Remember, the digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new features and content emerging regularly. Stay informed about TikTok’s updates and new safety features. Continuously review your child’s settings, monitor their activity, and engage in open conversations about online safety. By combining proactive measures with ongoing vigilance, you can empower your children to enjoy the benefits of TikTok while safeguarding them from inappropriate content.